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National Public Health Week is April 2-8

Apr. 05, 2023

On April 5 the Tobacco Free QC Coalition awarded Augustana the Champion Award for the new all-campus smoke-free policy. Dr. Lena Hann, associate professor of public health, accepted the award on behalf of the many public health students who worked on iterations of tobacco-free campus proposals since 2017. Several students and alumni joined virtually and in-person for the award ceremony.

Pictured: Seth Rohr '23, a public health major; Morgan McEnroe '19, who was part of the team of students to first propose a tobacco-free campus in 2017; Dr. Lena Hann, who has led several student proposals over the past seven years; and Krishna Marmé '20, who represented the Tobacco Free QC Coalition.

Submitted by Dr. Lena Hann

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